Should iPhone users opt in–or out–of Intro?

In late October, LinkedIn introduced Intro, a plug in that integrates rich profile information with the iPhone Mail app. Offering much of the same functionality as LinkedIn property Rapportive, Intro is designed to make it easier for users to access rich information about those who email them.

While the announcement of Intro was met with the usual squeals of delight from both LinkedIn members and Apple afficionados, it also received a good deal of criticism from TechCrunch, among others. The backlash was so pervasive, in fact, that LinkedIn published a second blog post “to clear up these inaccuracies and misperceptions.”

All of this may leave iPhone users wondering whether they should opt in–or out–of Intro. Like almost every other consideration in today’s hyper-connected world, the answer depends upon your individual tolerance for sharing information with companies like LinkedIn. As “Mr. LinkedIn” Mark Williams pointed out in this post, it may simply require a shift in how you use Intro to avoid some of the most prevalent security concerns. Others may be better served holding off entirely until Intro is more mature. In any case, it’s worth reading up on both sides of the issue before jumping into Intro. As always, anything that’s “free” generally requires that we “pay” in the form of data. Whether the cost is too steep is ultimately up to you.


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