Fortune covers LinkedIn

LinkedIn is on the cover of this month’s Fortune magazine. A few highlights from the story, written by Jessi Hempel:

– LinkedIn now claims 225 million members, a substantial increase from the 200 million it consistently reported elsewhere in recent months

– The company has enjoyed astounding success, including an 81% increase in the value of its stock since its May 2011 IPO and an 86% year-over-year increase in revenue in 2012.

– CEO Jeff Weiner sees LinkedIn’s role becoming more complex, serving as a repository to match professionals who wish to serve as a resource to one another even when they’re not looking for a new job. “Imagine a platform that can digitally represent every opportunity in the world,” Weiner is quoted in the story. “Where everyone with a job…is connected and will be able to use those connections, then LinkedIn will provide a real-time measure of where jobs exist, where customers aren’t being served, and where people need training.”

– A good reminder for we typically self-absorbed American users: 64% of LinkedIn’s members are outside the U.S.

– Monthly time on site for the average active LinkedIn user rose to 20 minutes in April, an increase of 17% as compared to the past year.

Did you read the Fortune story? If so, share your takeaways in the comments.


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