LinkedIn introduces new, less-lame subject lines for connection request emails

It’s amazing how a little tweak can make a huge difference in getting your attention.

I’d gotten so use to seeing the ultra-lame-o default, un-personalized LinkedIn connection request that I couldn’t help but notice one I received last week that came with this email subject line:

Anthony, stay in touch with me on LinkedIn

And then Monday night, a different one:

Anthony, please add me to your LinkedIn network

The funny thing is, this wasn’t initiated by the member making the request; it was initiated by LinkedIn.

What appears to be at play here is an attempt by LinkedIn to make up for its members’ ignorance/laziness. If those making a connection request don’t know to, or aren’t willing to, personalize their connection requests, LinkedIn is giving them a little help with subject lines that feel more personalized.

Pretty sneaky, LinkedIn…maybe just sneaky enough to make those generic connection requests a little more likely to be accepted.


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