5 ways to promote your LinkedIn company page

On Tuesday, May 7, I’ll be presenting “Building a Standout LinkedIn Company Page” at Indiana Data Center. I’ll be discussing a variety of topics, including one that’s is absolutely critical to your success: promoting your page. Here’s a preview.

Build it and they will come? Not on LinkedIn.

Build it and they will come? Not on LinkedIn.

Most brands take the Ray Kinsella approach to attracting followers to their LinkedIn company page: they simply build it and hope people will come. Despite how well this worked in Field of Dreams, it won’t get you very far on LinkedIn. If you want your page to get traction, you have to promote it. Here, then, are a few options for acquiring and building an audience.

1. Promote your company page online. LinkedIn provides companies with a button they can use to add followers at a click. Adding a button to your website, blog, e-newsletter, or email signature ensures those with whom you already have a relationship remember to follow your page.

2. Share status updates. For individual LinkedIn users, there’s no better way to tell your story than via status updates. The same holds true for companies. If you want followers, you have to share great content–stuff they can’t get anywhere else. If you make this a priority, your followers will also likely share what you’ve posted, attracting even more followers to your page.

3. Ask your employees to share your content. One of the best ways to grow your company page follower base is by leveraging the trusted relationships your employees have built with other professionals. Train your employees to understand the power of LinkedIn and encourage them to see your company page as a source of great content for them to share from their individual profile.

4. Conduct a contest. Contests are a tried and true way of growing an audience on Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn’s no different. Here’s one example of a company that built its follower base by giving people an incentive to listen.

5. Ask people to follow you. Sometimes the simplest way is the best way. A status update or email asking people to follow you can be surprisingly effective. Just make sure you do this sparingly and at a time when visitors to your company page will see great content, such as a particularly interesting status update. A good first impression will make the difference between someone clicking follow–or clicking away from your page.

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