Post Company Page status updates via HootSuite

LinkedIn Company Pages are a little bit of a mystery to many users. Designed to give organizations an identity of LinkedIn independent of its individual employees, Company Pages have the potential to be a great promotional tool. The challenge, however, is that it’s not yet common for LinkedIn users to follow companies and–perhaps as a consequence–most companies have done little with their Pages. Most don’t, for example, post Company Page status updates, a simple way to connect with followers.

LinkedIn is looking to change that–and a new feature on HootSuite may help. HootSuite users can now post LinkedIn Company Page status updates just as easily as they can post status updates associated with their personal profile. That makes it much easier for LinkedIn Company Page admins to simultaneously share a status update with their individual connections and the company’s followers.

The video below provides an overview. I recently added my company’s page to my Hootsuite account, and it was quick and easy. If you want to do more with your LinkedIn Company Page, this may be a good place to start.

Want to learn more about LinkedIn Company Pages? Join me for “Building a Standout LinkedIn Company Page” on May 7 at Indiana Data Center. Click here to register.


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