Question of the week: who is your most well known LinkedIn connection?

I was going through my LinkedIn connections a couple of weeks ago and it dawned on me that I have few–if any–“famous” connections. Don’t get me wrong: many are leaders in their community and in their industries, but they’re not household names. Depending on your work, you may know of Jay Baer–I’ve written a couple guest posts for his blog, Convince & Convert–or Chris Brogan–whom I honestly don’t know all that well–but that about as close as I get to being connected with a celebrity.

How about you? Are you connected to anyone you think is especially well known or influential? Name drop in the comments, along with a note about how you know that person. Consider it your one chance for a little refracted glory.


One thought on “Question of the week: who is your most well known LinkedIn connection?

  1. Anthony, similar to you, the connections I have are perhaps not universally famous, but leaders in their fields. And it’s not just the “Connection but quality of the connection”, which is your mantra too. Jill Konrath is one of my favorite connections, pretty well known in the B2B sales world. A leading sales author, trainer and speaker, I’ve been asked to read and review her materials over the years. We conversed again this month and is probably one of my favorite influential LinkedIn connections,

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