A recap of my presentation, “LinkedIn in 10 Minutes a Day”

On Monday, I had the pleasure of presenting “LinkedIn in 10 Minutes a Day” to the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne. Here are my slides and a recap of some of the high points:

  • One of the best attributes of LinkedIn is that it doesn’t require the same time commitment as many other social media platforms because its users have stronger intent. In other words, they’re there to work–not get away from work. 
  • While there are no shortcuts, and a long-term commitment to LinkedIn is necessary to get results, you can still be effective in a short amount of time each day.
  • LinkedIn’s not for everyone, but it has very broad appeal because it’s all about enhancing the one thing most professionals rely upon: great relationships.
  • LinkedIn’s users are focused on business (as opposed to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are about everything–and, therefore, about nothing specific). That means you don’t have to work as hard to cut through the clutter if you focus on being a resource to other professionals.
  • While there’s no one right way to use your 10 minutes on LinkedIn, certain actions have a greater impact than others.
  • The key is to balance your time between sharing your story and engaging with others.
  • If you need a speaker for an upcoming event, I’d love to discuss how I can help. Just drop a note in the comments or contact me.

    One thought on “A recap of my presentation, “LinkedIn in 10 Minutes a Day”

    1. This is such an easy way to get started with Social Media. Anthony’s tips are practical and effective. I have shared his “10 minutes a day” strategy with all of my co-workers and many others.

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