Quick Tip Tuesday: how to delete or reject Endorsements

Yesterday, I posted about a writer who predicted that LinkedIn Endorsements won’t survive past the end of the year. Unfortunately, she’s probably wrong, so the rest of us need to decide whether we want to play the game and if so, how to play it. One thing to consider is the option of rejecting or deleting skills (and, therefore, the endorsements that come with them) that aren’t aligned with the story you want to tell as a professional. My strong opinion is that if you claim as many skills as LinkedIn allows–50–it becomes very unclear what your most notable skills are (in other words, claiming that you’re good at everything makes it likely people will not associate you with any of those skills).

So, how do you delete or reject endorsements for skills you’d rather not claim? Watch the video below.

As always, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in an upcoming Quick Tip Tuesday.


One thought on “Quick Tip Tuesday: how to delete or reject Endorsements

  1. I would like to omit an endorsement but does that erase all of the individuals who endorsed me for that skill or can I make it viewable at a later date? Rather, if I omit a skill, can I retrieve it later?

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