Writer predicts the demise of LinkedIn endorsements


If you remove the first three words of this headline, I’d be estatic: “Why I Think LinkedIn Endorsements Will Be Dead By The End Of The Year.” Unfortunately, the author, René Shimada Siegel, is just voicing her opinion, seemingly based on wishful thinking. I keep hearing from more and more people, however, who wish Endorsements would be killed off.

My take is that Endorsements are absolutely here to stay. The reason is simple: while they’re clearly inferior to Recommendations, as Siegel says, Endorsements are quantifiable. That means they provide LinkedIn with data, and data is what makes LinkedIn so powerful.

So, don’t write an obituary for Endorsements just yet. Although if Siegel turns out to be correct, I’d be tempted to endorse her for being prophetic.

Hat tip for alerting me to the story: Jason Alba of the I’m On LinkedIn – Now What??? blog.


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