Celebrating six years on LinkedIn

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Sunday will mark my sixth anniversary as a LinkedIn member. Obviously, I’ve become a pretty huge fan since then, but I don’t remember much about my early days on the site. I don’t even remember what spurred me on to join LinkedIn. All I know is that I’m glad I did.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. When did YOU join LinkedIn? Why did you join? Have you been active on the site? Why or why not? Drop a note in the comments.

P.S. Don’t know how to determine when you joined LinkedIn? Just log in, mouse over your name in the upper right hand corner (see image below), and click settings. Your join date will appear just below your name, as shown in the image at the top of this post.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating six years on LinkedIn

  1. In just a few days I will celebrate five years as a member of LinkedIn. It’s been a great resource and I really appreciate all your advice, Anthony! It’s been very helpful to me and for our students here at Indiana Tech!

  2. Congratulations! I can’t remember my exact LI Birthday, but I will never forget the first person who invited me via email. She was a networker I used to see at open networking meetings. It was probably around 2006-2007 that I joined. I will never forget my initial reaction to LI: What a potential waste of time. I just joined so I wouldn’t hurt her feelings and my account was dormant for a few years. Little did I know then that it would become a great asset to my business life.

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