Sponsored Posts coming to LinkedIn

“Your Ad Here” by KarenLizzie on Flickr

The ever-observant Ashley Motia called my attention to this one during the crazybusiness that was last week: sponsored posts are coming to LinkedIn. Like they can with sponsored posts on Twitter and Facebook, companies will now have the chance to reach their LinkedIn followers with promotional messages. And as is also the case on Facebook and Twitter, these messages will get priority real estate in the user’s feed in hopes that advertisers will get their money’s worth.

Sponsored posts are not yet available to most brands on LinkedIn, but they will be soon. As you consider whether they’re right for your company, ask yourself this: have you taken advantage of all the free opportunities available to you via your LinkedIn Company Page? If so, then a sponsored post might be worthwhile. If not, your time and resources would likely be better spent building out your Company Page and getting traction organically.

And if you’re wondering how you can get the most of out of LinkedIn Company Page, join me for “Building a Standout LinkedIn Company Page” on May 7 at Indiana Data Center.


3 thoughts on “Sponsored Posts coming to LinkedIn

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