Entrepreneur lauds LinkedIn as a tool for tapping into “systemic intelligence”

Mike Kelly, founder of Calienté, LLC, is one of the authors of a new blog called “Your Business Matters.” In his first post last month, he called LinkedIn a catalyst in the “sharing [of] systemic intelligence”–and a force for good in the business world as a whole:

Most business leaders are not the Gordon Gekko-greed is good-type pariahs that are often portrayed… The vast majority I have encountered are individuals that care not only about their business, but also with helping people grow as individuals even beyond providing meaningful work opportunities. True leaders know they can’t succeed on their own, and work to cultivate and build up cultures that promote continuous learning and improvement. With [LinkedIn], there is now a unique way for them to share what they have learned and give back to the people and communities that have helped enable their success.

There’s more where that came from. To read on, visit Mike’s blog.

Disclosure: Caliente, LLC is a client of my employer.


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