What’s the difference between sharing a status update with “LinkedIn” vs. “Connections”?

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed how to incorporate a link into a LinkedIn status update in the new profile design. In the interim, I was asked a question: what’s the difference between sharing a status update with “LinkedIn” vs. sharing it with “Connections”?

status choices

It’s actually a lot simpler than it seems. If you select “LinkedIn,” the update will be available to everyone in your extended network including your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections. Select “connections” and the update will be displayed only to your 1st degree connections. What happens if you select “LinkedIn + Twitter”? Well, it will be shared with your extended network on LinkedIn and your Twitter followers (assuming you have a Twitter account, of course).

As always, if you have any questions, drop a note in the comments.


8 thoughts on “What’s the difference between sharing a status update with “LinkedIn” vs. “Connections”?

  1. Hi Anthony
    That’s a very good description – finally someone explaines it very well… Thank you.
    I’m wondering if it is also possible to share company updates on a Twitter account? The described funcionality seems not to be available for company updates… Do you know anything about that?

    • It’s not possible, unfortunately. You can only share company page status updates with your LinkedIn company page followers. You can, however, target your status updates to specific groups (by geography for example). Thanks for the question and let me know if I can help further.

  2. Thanks, Deanna. I just tested it, and while the definition above is technically correct, an update I just shared to “Connections” is showing up as shareable. I know for sure that it shouldn’t in theory, so my guess is that LinkedIn is just being buggy.

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