When can you personalize a LinkedIn connection request?

Yesterday, I discussed why it’s so important to customize LinkedIn connection requests sent to those you don’t know well. As I mentioned in that post:

[I]t’s becoming less likely they’ll accept a request without considering its value. When your connection request arrives, then, they only take a few seconds before deciding whether to accept or ignore. And all they have to go on is what you tell them in the connection request.

Even if you’re disciplined in customizing requests when necessary, however, there’s a catch: the only opportunity to do so is when sending an invitation from the “desktop” version of LinkedIn and clicking on the “connect” button to the lower left of the user’s photo.

Want to personalize a connection request? Look for the blue "Connect" button.

Want to personalize a connection request? Look for the blue “Connect” button.

Now, when can’t you personalize a connection request? Under most other circumstances, including:

  • From the “add connections” page
  • From the “People You May Know” module
  • From any LinkedIn mobile app
  • With invitations sent after importing a contact list and those sent where you enter the individual’s email address

As a result, when seeking to connect with those where the relationship is more tenuous, you may want to wait until you can access the full LinkedIn site. It will take a little more time, but it’s more likely to result in the request being accepted.


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