LinkedIn Profile Changes, Part 5: What’s New With Insights?

All the changes I’ve discussed this week are designed to make LinkedIn more visually appealing. Another example: many of the insights that used to be presented as numbers are being replaced by images. Here’s a look:

profile strength

  • The Profile Strength graphic replaces the “profile completeness” percentage. LinkedIn also decided to have a little fun here, with measures like “All-Star.” And if you want to improve the strength your profile? Just go to the menu, choose Profile/Edit Profile, and click on the blue “Improve Your Profile” button in the summary box at the top.
  • Your Network is now visible as an infographic.
    You can view the number of
    connections you have by company, your networkgeography, school, and–as shown
    at right–industry. This is a great tool for understanding where you have strong connections, and where improvement might be needed.
  • The Who’s Viewed My Profile? module now gives you faces (depending on your settings) right up front instead of one click away. It’s a good peek into whose attention you’re attracting at any given time.

What other changes have you noticed that I haven’t covered this week? As always, if you have any questions, drop a note in the comments.


One thought on “LinkedIn Profile Changes, Part 5: What’s New With Insights?

  1. Anthony, Thanks for the information. I use LinkedIn daily to learn about my clients and contacts and to share what I’m up to professionally. I didn’t realize the “who’s viewed your profile” settings could be changed.

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