LinkedIn Profile Changes, Part 3: What’s New With Your Background?

Some of the biggest changes to the LinkedIn profile have to do with how our background is presented–things like experience, education, and skills. There’s a lot to know, so let’s start with some things you probably noticed and then move on to a few others that you might have missed.

The somewhat obvious stuff


  • The categories under Background now come have icons next to them, all in the name LinkedIn putting on a prettier face.
  • The logos of the companies you’ve worked for are included under “Experience,” if there’s a logo on that company’s LinkedIn Company Page. Here’s an example from my profile:


  • Recommendations appear along with the job for which you were recommended in addition to the standalone recommendations section. The profile photo of the person who gave the recommendation is also shown.

The not so obvious stuff

  • You may be wondering where your applications went–plug-ins like SlideShare, blogs, and I’ll cover this in more detail in a future post, but they’ve been incorporated into other parts of your profile as “rich media” instead of standing alone. Here’s LinkedIn’s official explanation (which, quite frankly, I didn’t find all that helpful), and a post by Viveka von Rosen that’s much more detailed.
  • new sectionsLinkedIn has added some new sections, including Projects, Languages, Publications, Patents, and Certifications. (You can add these under Profile/Edit Profile in the menu. This may prove especially useful to college students and recent grads since their academic work can fill gaps that may exist given limited work experience.

That’s an overview, and as I mentioned, I’ll take a closer look at adding rich media to your profile in a future posts. If you have any questions about anything you’ve seen in the new profiles, drop a comment below–and if you’re wondering what’s new with your connections, I’ll cover that tomorrow.


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