LinkedIn Profile Changes, Part 2: What’s New With Your Activity?

The new LinkedIn profile design makes our latest activity much more prominent. This information, which used to appear in the right hand column of the profile, is now right under the summary box.activityThe goal here is pretty simple: by moving the activity summary near the top of the page, our profiles become more dynamic. Whenever we take action on LinkedIn–make an endorsement, post a status update, follow a company, etc.–our profile changes. Those actions take place much more frequently than changes to our experience, education, and skills.

How can you make the most of this real estate? Be sure to update your status at least once and week, and as often as once a day. You’ll have good content in this prominent area instead of just recaps of actions you’ve taken that might not say much about your work.

That’s today’s look at the new LinkedIn. Tomorrow, we’ll cover a big topic: all the changes to the background section.


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